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Our Garden Room

The Garden Room

For our three and four-year-old preschool program

At over one thousand square feet, our Garden Room is equipped with plenty of opportunities for teacher-led and child-centered discovery and learning. In the morning, our children gather here for breakfast before they start their day. The big window from the hall allows our directors and parents to check in with our children throughout the day without distracting them from their activities.

This is where our preschool program begins each morning with circle time. We play game, read stories, and work with manipulatives and puzzles, which help with fine motor development any critical thinking. The program is in both English and Spanish, so children learn both languages.

This area is blocked off from the rest of the room because of all the small pieces. Students spend the better part of the morning working through literacy, reading, writing, and STEM activities in this area, and circulating through our other centers.

An important part of learning is also open-ended play. Our children’s minds were designed to LEARN, EXPLORE, DISCOVER, and CREATE. Through open=ended play, they test ideas and develop critical thinking skills. Children are hard-wired for this and crave opportunities where they can let their growing minds run wild.

When children play together with open ended toys, they learn to read social cues (tone of voice, facial expressions, body language) and learn how to respond appropriately. Because of the low-pressure nature of this kind of play, their brains are in a better state to learn to read these cues . Again, no rules, just imagination. The pressure is off and each child is exploring and creating in their own way.

Our preschoolers alternate between formal, teacher-led activities and creative open-ended play. This ensures that they are actively engaged and learning.

Dress-up, going to market or a diner, staying home and cooking, or playing with the doll house or fire station. There are so many opportunities for children to explore and learn.

Here’s a better view of the market. The door leads to the bathroom.

We also provide computer time as part of our STEM curriculum. Digital literacy is an important part of learning, but experts strongly caution against too much and the wrong kind. That’s why we monitor and limit student’s time.

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